About Us

Why keeping psych simple just makes sense.

We call it the ordinary middle, where the majority of regular folks find the right level of care for their mental and emotional health challenges. Yes, you want a specialist, when you feel your situation goes a bit beyond the primary care setting. But you’re not at the opposite extreme: those complex and serious cases requiring a physician specialist, a psychiatrist, as well as in-person, on-site care. In between, like so many others, your emotional and behavioral challenges call for a listening ear, compassionate understanding, and safe and effective treatment with appropriate medication. This is where we can help: focused attention by our psychiatric specialist Advanced Practice Provider through convenient and comfortable virtual appointments from the privacy of your home, office, or wherever you care to be. At A Hope & A Future Psychiatry we are committed to providing you quality mental health care, without the hurdles, hassles and headaches. All while keeping costs down, without insurance upcharges or unwelcome surprise bills.


Does this sound familiar? You take time off from work, cut a block out of your day. Then there’s the drive, only across town if you’re lucky. For the less fortunate it may mean a trip to another city. Don’t forget the traffic, the smog, the stress. Maybe you arrive on time, but then you can’t find a parking space. Settle into the waiting room, so called for a reason. There you sit with you and all your new best friends. If it’s like usual, the time on your appointment slip bears little resemblance to the time you finally hear your name called. By the time It’s all said and done, you’ve eaten up half your day or more. But why? Why suffer all those indignities when the answer is as near as your phone or your computer. Do it the Jetson way, face-to-face video conferencing. It comes to you. So, you stay right where you are, doing what you’re doing, and the time of the visit is all the time it takes. The tech is so easy by the way. Our online platform does all the heavy lifting. If you wish, even your prescription comes delivered to your home.


We take the insurance middleman out of the picture, and that’s actually good for your bottom line. The “third-party-payer problem” is a major driver in skyrocketing medical costs, when neither the patient nor the provider actually knows the true cost of a given service or therapeutic. All our prices are openly posted and known beforehand, just like everything else you buy in your life. No insurer upcharges. No surprise bills. Plus there are no insurance-processing costs to pass on to you. We keep that that relationship the way it should be: just between you and us. So we have to keep costs reasonable and affordable. Our fees are well within what is usual and customary for specialist care, and even in the lower range. Save further on medications, with our extensive $5 prescription list, including the best-known and most commonly-used medicines.


The care of your health is your business, and consulting your provider one-on-one through remote videoconference helps keep it that way. Bypassing the third-party-payer system keeps you in charge of your own treatment decisions. And it has the added benefit of limiting access to your sensitive information. Leave it on a need-to-know basis, so it is up to you whether insurance companies, health-maintenance organizations, employers, and government agencies really need to know. Who are the essential parties: we call them the three p’s: Patient, Provider, Pharmacy. It’s as simple as that.

Our Provider

One constant in my eighteen years as a Psychiatric provider is the reward of seeing folks walk out with more hope than they walked in with. Our inner lives can be complex, but as an ally in your corner, I’m committed to helping find solutions from medical science to restore that joy and sense of well being which can sure take a beating in this world. And say, while we’re at it, why don’t we keep the process convenient, comfortable, streamlined, and maybe even just a little bit fun.”

Marvin C. Cotten, PA-C

Psychiatric Advanced Practice Provider


I have been a Physician Assistant for 23 years, a graduate of the University of Texas Southwestern School of Health Professions. I am nationally certified with the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants, and I hold a Certificate of Added Qualifications in Psychiatry. I have been working in mental health for the past 18 years, both in clinic and hospital settings. I opened my online practice with the goal of removing obstacles and bringing simplicity to psychiatric care.